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This is a highly interactive half-day workshop that explores social media and marketing and its relevance to B2B brands.

Friday 15 March 2019
Conference Room



Whether managing big brands or small start-ups, marketers invest time, money, and resources into social media. And while businesses can benefit greatly from social media, B2B marketers often struggle to harness the full potential of social media marketing. This highly interactive half-day workshop aims to:

  • highlight the role of social media in building strong B2B brands 
  • present research findings on the use of social media and the role of presence, interactivity, and responsiveness in social media settings for enhancing relationships between B2B business partners
  • introduce social media strategies and tools that B2B marketers can apply to their businesses

Benefits of attending & expected outcomes 

Attendees will have the opportunity to:

  • realise how social media matters for their corporate B2B brand and gain up-to-date insight about their use, relevance, and effectiveness 
  • reflect on the current practices they employ and challenges they face in their current social media interactions with business partners 
  • understand the role of social media presence, interactivity, and responsiveness for enhancing B2B business relationships
  • explore a range of strategies to enhance their social media performance
  • create a social media strategy and content marketing plan for a B2B brand, and pitching it in front of social media marketing experts

Who should attend?

  • Representatives of Scottish B2B businesses and organisations (any type or size) that are either new or experienced in managing corporate social media accounts (e.g. marketing directors, social media managers)
  • External policy/industry/training bodies in Scotland supporting businesses with the development of digital skills and the pursuit of digital growth


The event will conclude with a networking lunch.