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Research Topic

The diffusion and adoption of Social marketing by the Health Sector of Oman

Research Summary

Social marketing has been broadly used as a behavioural change tool to address issues related to health promotion, environment protection, road safety and many others. Hence, the expanding role of social marketing in addressing societal issues is becoming evident. However, the question of whether Social Marketing is being effectively applied still persists.

Despite being in its infancy, social marketing has been widely embraced by governments, academic institutions and other organizations in the developed world. However, the uptake of social marketing has not been as significant in developing countries, though there are moves to address this in countries such as Oman, where the implementation of social marketing practices has been stipulated in the Ministry of Health’s strategic plan. Thus, the level of knowledge and practice of Social Marketing techniques by governments in developing countries, such as Oman, requires further investigation.

Research Area

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