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Research Topic

Managerial Processes in Firms Addressing the Challenge of Emerging Markets

Research Summary

My research seeks to understand the managerial processes used in firms from advanced countries that are used to consider, enter and penetrate emerging markets. In particular I draw on three theoretical streams: the institutional theory, micro-foundations and capability development to provide a better understanding of how firms operate in emerging markets and address different market challenges.

Research Area

Research Taxonomy


I dedicated my academic career to developing the skills and experiences that help me understand and analyse global business strategies in the light of economic transformation, with economic growth shifting from advanced countries towards emerging markets. 

I accomplished a BA (Hon) Business, Management and Economics, followed by a MSc International and European Politics as well as a MSc International Business and Emerging Markets. This interdisciplinary background allows me to provide fresh perspectives in order to advance our understanding of firms' international strategies in the shifting global environment to advance theoretical underpinnings.