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Research Topic

Accounting Disclosure, Corporate Finance, Capital Markets

Research Summary

  • Do Employee-Friendly Firms Invest More Efficiently? Evidence from Employment Decisions
  • Are Real Activities Adjustments Harmful or Helpful? Evidence from Employment Decisions
  • Does Trade Secrets Protection Affect Labor Investment Strategy? Evidence From the Inevitable Disclosure Doctrine
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Earnings Quality in the Context of Changing Regulatory Regimes
  • The Peer Effect of Voluntary Innovation-Driven Disclosures: Evidence from Merger and Acquisition in China

Research Area

Research Taxonomy


Zhangfan is currently a doctoral researcher in the Accounting and Finance Group, University of Edinburgh Business School. His research interests are mainly in the areas of corporate social responsibility, managerial opportunism, managerial characteristics, financial information disclosure and capital markets.

Zhangfan completed his undergraduate studies at University of Surrey and MSc studies at King’s College London. During his PhD studies, he is also a Teaching Assistant for several accounting courses.